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A photo of Vietnamese children in a classroom clapping their hands.
SOS Children's Villages is our main cooperation partner. The photo shows school children in Viet Tri, Vietnam. Photo: SOS Children's Villages.

Sponsorship work is important to create commitment and a sense of community across countries, languages and cultures. It also strengthens engagement and values among our employees.

SKAGEN has for many years supported and contributed to socially beneficial projects, both locally and globally. In line with our investment philosophy we support long-term and sustainable projects.

Education and culture

We cooperate with SOS Children's Villages and the Art Museums of Skagen in Denmark.

By investing in education via SOS Children's Villages we invest in the future. SKAGEN has for many years supported SOS Childrens Villages in Norway and Sweden. The cooperation is a Scandinavian corporate agreement.​​

Human capital is our most important asset, and via SOS Children's Villages we support their work on providing education for children in the villages and surrounding areas. We engage in a project promoting and ensuring education for children in Viet Tri, Vietnam.

Our cooperation with the Art Museums of Skagen allows us to use the museum's work as part of our communication concept known as "The art of common sense".

Highlights: 10 years cooperation with SOS Children's Villages

In December 2016 we were celebrating 10 years of cooperation with SOS Children's Villages. Watch some highlights from our cooperation in the video below:

Using common sense sounds simple, but putting it into practice can be a work of art. The Skagen painters were pioneering men and women of their time, and their paintings are associated with positive values. Lisen Dybdahl, Head of Communication, SKAGEN Funds


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