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We exclude

A range of non-sustainable products, businesses and activities.

We integrate

Sustainability is an integrated part of the investment process.

We are very active owners

Through direct dialogue with companies and voting at general meetings, we can positively influence companies' behaviour over the long term.

Sustainability report

We have now published our Sustainability Report for the first quarter 2021. Read the report below.

Find out how the funds vote

Find out how we have voted in our portfolio companies the day after the votes are cast.

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The team

Silje Simonsen Viste and Sondre Myge Haugland work with sustainable investing and oversee our sustainability policy. They work closely with the portfolio managers to screen each potential portfolio company against our guidelines, both before an investment is made and after a company has entered the portfolio.

"We want to be good investors and all our investments should be sustainable. We combine this with our main objective of creating good returns for our unit holders," says Sondre.

How SKAGEN invests sustainably

We report on our sustainability work on a quarterly basis.

The report lays out how we work with all aspects of sustainability – from how we incorporate ESG (environment, social and governance) factors into our investment process to how we as a company work with sustainability.

You can find our sustainability reports in pdf format below.

Sustainability report
SKAGEN Global: A holistic view of ESG
26 April 2021

SKAGEN Global believes that ESG is an area that long-term investors need to include as part of the bottom-up due diligence and integrate in the overall risk-reward assessment.

The snowball effect: First quarter sustainability report published
22 April 2021

SKAGEN has a clear goal to improve sustainable business practices across our holdings. Read more ...

SustainabilityReal Estate
Incremental ESG change in the real estate sector
8 April 2021

Real estate is of growing importance to society, both in terms of how the built environment tackles ...

SKAGEN's carbon audit reports available
16 March 2021

SKAGEN has committed to joining the collective global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In ...

Diversity and Inclusion Report 2020
15 March 2021

At SKAGEN, we strive to be a diverse and inclusive company since we are convinced that this will ...

ESG in the Nordics
10 March 2021

SKAGEN Vekst considers ESG factors to be an essential part of our research process, in the same way ...

Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

Our sustainability policy combines the strengths of both SKAGEN and Storebrand within sustainable investing and active ownership.

What sustainable investing means to us

When selecting companies, we assess environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues before investing.


Principles for Responsible Investment

In 2012, SKAGEN signed up to the UN supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).


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