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James Anderson

12 October 2023

High-profile investor, former partner at Baillie Gifford and manager of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust for 20 years. 
In mid-May, it was announced that James Anderson would be returning to full-time investing a year after retiring from Baillie Gifford to work at Lingotto Investment Management. The company has the backing of the Agnelli family who own the parent company Exor. The Agnelli family also has investments in Fiat, Ferrari and the football club Juventus. Anderson will launch a fund focused on innovation in public and private markets. 
Anderson is best known for his work at Baillie Gifford, where he managed the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust. The fund grew through early tech investments in companies such as Tesla and Amazon among other things. During Anderson's tenure from 2000 to 2022, the fund's investments produced a return of 1115 percent versus 354 percent for its benchmark index. 
Anderson is also Chairman of the Board of the Swedish investment company Kinnevik, which focuses on digital companies in the US and Europe. Kinnevik has been a holding in the SKAGEN Vekst portfolio since 2013. 
Oxford University laid the foundation for Anderson's career, where he studied for a BA in History. He later took a Master's degree in international relations after studying in Italy and Canada. In addition to his roles as investor and Chairman of the Board, Anderson is a well-known philanthropist. Last year he donated 100 million US dollars to Johns Hopkins University in Bologna, one of the largest known donations to a university in continental Europe. 

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