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New Year's ConferenceChina
Spotlight on China: Stocks to rediscover their roar in the year of the Tiger?
25 January 2022

A highlight from our recent New Year conference was Michael Pettis discussing the Chinese economy. The Professor of Finance at Peking University is perfectly placed to comment on the country's outlook, and after twenty years living in China to put its current challenges in a historical context.

Investment Philosophy
CIO update 2021: Onwards and upwards
13 January 2022

After a helter-skelter 2020, stock markets found relative calm in 2021. SKAGEN's equity funds all ...

News from skagen
Distribution of new units in SKAGEN Avkastning 2021
3 January 2022

New units have been distributed to unit holders in SKAGEN Avkastning based on their holdings as of ...

Global Stock Markets
Same procedure as last year... Or is it?
20 December 2021

Following another extraordinary year, we reflect on the challenges and opportunities before us. 

New Year's Conference
Hillary Rodham Clinton: Engagement at the very heart
16 December 2021

Few women now alive, if any, possess the experience of and insight into major world events of ...

News from skagen
FSA approves fee change in SKAGEN Global A and B
16 December 2021

The Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) has approved the proposed amendment to the ...

New Year's Conference
Robert Friedland: The revenge of the miners
14 December 2021

The mining legend Robert Friedland, founder and chairman of Ivanhoe Mines, will be one of the ...

New Year's Conference
Joseph Stiglitz – an economist unlike any other
8 December 2021

Nobel laureate, former chief economist at the World Bank, former adviser to the US president and ...

SustainabilityActive ManagementActive Ownership
Why active managers have the ESG advantage
29 November 2021

Active managers have a clear advantage when it comes to ESG: we can decide which companies to hold, ...

Active OwnershipSustainability
Third quarter engagement report
23 November 2021

As long-term investors, we regularly engage with our portfolio companies to promote and encourage ...

In COP we trust, by COP we must?
18 November 2021

We discuss the key takeaways from the Glasgow Climate Pact from a SKAGEN perspective.

New Year's ConferenceChina
Michael Pettis: The finance professor perfectly placed at China's economic crossroads
17 November 2021

Michael Pettis will make his debut appearance at our New Year conference in January, arguably with ...

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