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Torgeir Høien has chosen to step down from his role as lead portfolio manager in order to focus more on macroeconomic analysis, but he will also continue to work alongside Jane as portfolio manager of the fund.

Jane joined SKAGEN in March 2010 to work with Torgeir as portfolio manager of the bond funds SKAGEN Tellus and SKAGEN Avkastning. In December of the same year Jane took on the role of lead portfolio manager of SKAGEN Avkastning, a role she will continue to hold. Jane and Torgeir have worked closely together since she joined SKAGEN.

In March this year SKAGEN Avkastning won the Morningstar Best Norwegian Bond Fund of the Year Award after outperforming its peers in 2015 and delivering solid return over the past few years.

"We would like to congratulate Jane on her new role. Jane has worked closely with Torgeir for more than six years, collaborating on both of our bond funds, and this promotion marks a natural progression in her career path. She will be closely supported both by Torgeir, and by the wider fixed income team. At the same time, we are excited that Torgeir will continue to expand his role as macroeconomist to the benefit of clients and portfolio managers alike," commented Leif Ola, CEO and acting Investment Director in SKAGEN.

Prior to working at SKAGEN, Jane worked in Statoil for four years. She was responsible for macroeconomic analysis in the corporate strategy team and worked in corporate finance. She also has experience from the Norwegian Central Bank and the European Central Bank. Jane has a Master's degree from the University of Oslo.


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