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Despite geopolitical turmoil, natural disasters and a number of political elections, 2017 was another good year for investors in global stock markets. In this Annual Update, we have summed up the main events in SKAGEN's equity funds in 2017 and take a look at how the funds are positioned to face the year ahead.

SKAGEN Global: Rising markets despite geopolitical turmoil

2017 was characterised by generally rising share prices in most regions. Investors in SKAGEN Global also benefited from this as the fund generated an absolute return of 7.7 percent, as measured in euro.

SKAGEN Kon-Tiki: Good year for emerging markets equities

2017 was the best year of returns for emerging markets equities since 2010. It was the second consecutive year that the asset class delivered better returns than developed markets.

SKAGEN Focus: Big in Japan

SKAGEN Focus delivered another set of solid absolute return numbers in 2017 as the fund's NAV rose 8.0% in EUR in 2017.

SKAGEN m2: A stellar year

SKAGEN m2 performed very well in 2017, generating an annual return of 13.0 percent, as measured in euro. The fund's return is similarly impressive from a three-year perspective.

SKAGEN Vekst: A year of growth

"Bull markets don't die of old age alone and we are positioning ourselves accordingly," says portfolio manager √ėyvind Fjell on the outlook for SKAGEN Vekst in 2018.

Read the Annual Fund Update for 2017 (PDF)


Historical returns are no guarantee for future returns. Future returns will depend, inter alia, on market developments, the fund manager's skill, the fund's risk profile and management fees. The return may become negative as a result of negative price developments.