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The new CEO of SKAGEN, Tim Warrington, is focused on keeping pace with clients' needs.

“We must continue to keep pace with the needs of our clients, be they direct investors or professionally qualified investors. And, of course, retaining and developing the strong SKAGEN team is central to my vision of a successful SKAGEN,” comments Tim.

In setting out his vision for the company, Tim states that his principal priority is the delivery of more consistent excess returns in the funds. He explains that this will come from a stable investment platform and consistent implementation of the SKAGEN investment philosophy and process.

Tim Warrington took over the reins of SKAGEN at the end of June this year. He has been with SKAGEN for over ten years and was Deputy CEO for five years before taking on the CEO role. He was previously responsible for international distribution and domestic wealth management, so has clients and client servicing at the forefront of his mind.

New opportunities

As part of the Storebrand Group, SKAGEN will have access to greater resources and development capacity, which will create opportunities for clients and the company alike.

“Our development will be shaped around our clients’ needs and the opportunities afforded by technology.”

“We will continue to offer a competitive wealth management proposition to our direct clients. This will be based on an easy-to-use digital service, our network of well-qualified financial advisors, and our fund expertise. We will continue to improve our professional investor proposition, including a Luxembourg fund domicile for our overseas investors,” comments Tim.

Benefits of boutiques

While the fact that SKAGEN is now part of the Storebrand Group brings with it benefits in a number of areas, Tim is keen to stress that the company will not deviate from its primary focus of generating good investment returns for our clients. He adds that the benefits of boutiques such as SKAGEN to active investment are proven, despite the recent challenges to certain investment styles.

Competence-based culture

In his capacity as CEO, Tim will be reliant on the teams he leads, and points out that he continuously seeks input and direction from all employees, regardless of their role or position in the company.

“SKAGEN is so much more than one person. We have a competence-based culture where all employees can have significant impact. My role is to create the conditions for empowered and well-informed colleagues to do clever things for the benefit of our clients. It’s an exciting and rewarding role,” concludes Tim.

About Tim Warrington

In addition to his ten years’ experience in SKAGEN, Tim is Chairman of the Board of the Group of Boutique Asset Managers, an association consisting of 17 independent fund management companies from all over the world. Prior to joining SKAGEN, Tim had over 20 years’ leadership experience from the armed forces.

For the past ten years, Tim has lived in Stavanger with his Norwegian wife and two children.


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